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All-Safe® Offers a Variety of Custom Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers provide a wide range of benefits and can be quite easy to remove and replace depending on the style that you choose. We offer fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual pool covers. Benefits include safety, reduced need for maintenance, protection from leaves and debris, and energy savings.  

If you want a vinyl pool cover that operates with the turn of a key then automatic pool covers are your best choice. Automatic pool covers can run on a track and be electrically operated. All-Safe® also offers vinyl pool covers that are not automatic, which reduces the cost of the cover. The material used for automatic pool covers does not allow water to pass through, which helps reduce evaporation and helps maintain the temperature of the pool. Automatic pool covers will usually pay for themselves over several years in energy savings.

All-Safe® automatic pool covers are professionally installed by your local All-Safe® office. Contact your local office and schedule your free, no oblibegation estimate.  All-safe will be happy to provide material samples and answer all your questions about our numerous pool cover options, and how our pool covers operate. Secure your pool with an All-Safe® automatic pool cover today.

All-Safe® winter pool covers are designed to provide safety and to keep leaves and debris from entering your pool. Mesh winter pool covers can be custom-made to fit the exact shape of your pool. These types of pool covers will easily support the weight of a child and two or three adults in the event a rescue effort is necessary. The mesh fabric allows rainwater to pass through so that it does not collect on top of the pool cover. Winter pool covers are great for closing the pool down in the winter but are not ideal when the pool is going to be used frequently. If safety is the main concern, a preferred choice would be the pool safety net.


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