Pool Net's

All-Safe® pool nets provide a safe and secure barrier while preserving the view and ambience of the swimming pool area. Swimming pool nets have been in use with hundreds of thousands installed worldwide. The small squares are too small for a child's head or body to fit through. One adult can easily remove or replace a typical swimming pool net in just a couple of minutes. A series of 12 pulleys in is installed on the pool net for tensioning. By loosening the pulley rope, the tension is released and the pool net can easily be removed. Just unhook the clips and roll the pool net onto the portable roller. To re-install the pool net just simply reverse this process.

Safety, selection, savings and quality are some of the many reasons for you to put your confidence in All-Safe®. Safety is our number one priority. Our swimming pool safety nets  have been developed and tested to meet the highest standards of quality. Our pool safety nets come in a selection of 4 colors to choose from, which are unavailable elsewhere. Our All-Safe® Ratchet and brass anchors are among several of our unique features, as well as our new Titan Ratchet.  All-Safe will be pleased to come to your pool to discuss your pool safety needs with you and to show you why an All-Safe® pool safety net is the best value. Your swimming pool safety net will always be installed by trained and skilled professionals and will come with an industry leading warranty. You have made a responsible decision in purchasing a pool safety barrier and a intelligent decision in choosing All-Safe®.

Contact your local All-Safe® office and receive a free, no obligation quote and secure your pool today

FeaturesAll-Safe® offers numerous features that make our  pool safety net the best choice in the industry. Benefits such as our 12 pulley central tension system, and our exclusive Titan ratchet make the  All-Safe® swimming pool safety net an outstanding option to secure your pool.

Color OptionsAll-Safe's pool net cover is offered in four different colors (Black, Blue, Brown and Tan) to compliment the ambiance of your backyard, providing you not only with safety and peace of mind but a beautiful product as well. All colors offer the same level of safety for your swimming pool.


What are the advantages of  Pool Safety Nets?
All-Safe® swimming pool safety nets will permit for a clear view of your pool as they protect against unwanted access by people or pets.  Safety is further enhanced by your ability to see the bottom of the pool at all times. Pool safety nets fit tightly above the water and will prevent even the smallest toddler from crawling under them. The size of the squares on the pool net are too small for a child's head or body to fit through them,but are too large to allow them to jump or play on the net.

Will a Swimming Pool Safety Net work on my pool?
All-Safe® swimming pool safety nets are perfect for all pool shapes.  Waterfalls and raised spas are no issue for the pool nets.

How will a Net Pool Cover affect my pool use?
Small to medium size poo safety nets can be removed and re-installed in 3 to 6 minutes. Pools with waterfalls or elaborate spas will require a little extra time for. Our roller system will make it easy to roll up the net pool net and to to unroll it quickly when the safety barrier is needed. Pool safety nets should always be re-installed on your pool when the pool is not in use.

Will a Swimming Pool Safety Net affect the look of my pool area?
The All-Safe® net pool will barely be visible as you look across your pool area. The net's low profile leaves views across the pool and yard virtually uninterrupted. The ambiance of sparkling pool water or the romantic glow of pool lighting is unaffected by the net pool cover.

Will holes have to be drilled in my deck?
Yes, our flush-mounted brass anchors are installed in small ¾ inch holes in the coping or deck surrounding your pool. We only use diamond-tipped core drill for drilling to prevent damage to the surrounding material. Surface-mounted anchor plates are an option that requires drilling smaller holes.

Are Swimming Pool Safety Nets Strong?
All-Safe® pool safety nets are very strong. Our pool net pool will easily support the weight of and adult. Our pool  nets are made of strong polyethylene braid with 5mm of nylon strands with break strength of 485 pounds. The perimeter of the pool net is double-wrapped to increase it's overall strength. Heavy duty stainless steel clips hold the net securely in place.

How long do Swimming Pool Safety Nets last?
Pool chemicals such as chlorine do not affect the pool net's strong polyethylene/nylon braid. All of our pool safety nets  have been treated with ultraviolet and fungus inhibitors. The stainless steel clips and our brass anchors will not corrode or rust. You'll get many years of satisfaction with our pool nets, which come with a 5-year warranty.

Will a Pool Safety Net satisfy local agency requirements?
All-Safe® pool safety nets are engineered and manufactured to the strictest safety guidelines.  If you plan to adopt a child, open a day care or become a foster parent, you should contact your local agency or the city that you are working with. They will be able to tell you which swimming pool barrier  will be in compliance with their local codes. Your local building department can also determine which type of pool barriers are accepted for new construction.

How long will it take to get a Pool  Net Installed?
Since we stock a large inventory of sizes and colors, your pool net can be in place within a few days of approving an installation order. Just give us for your free estimate.